I HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT I SEE...I shoot people (for a small fee!).

Passion...that describes how I feel about photography.  I hope my pics show it.  View them and decide for yourself.  Let me work with you!

Call me at 705 386 0345

                          Toronto cell 647 323 0345


instagram: @anitaattaphotography


For starters be sure to check out the page called "Prices! Everyone Wants  to Know!" and then contact me.  Don't be shy! Prices can be negotiable. We have two locations; one in Toronto and the other in Muskoka.

I simply LOVE photography. Often I dream about capturing that perfect moment. I've been published in the Canadian Living magazine, Photo Digest mag, two local newspapers and won several awards for my work. If I needed a photographer, I'd want ME!!!!! Yes, I am shamelessly boasting. :) I strive to capture that perfect moment for YOU too!


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